Veldt Rifle Butter Xtreme – 10ml

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RIFLE BUTTER XTREME is a patented, modified performance technology grease formulated to withstand the toughest conditions while ensuring ultimate lubrication and protection.  It will ensure the safe functioning of all types of firearms due to its excellent lubrication effect.

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Veldt Rifle Butter Xtreme – 10ml

The composition of RIFLE BUTTER XTREME allows for high levels of corrosion resistance, wear and load-carrying properties, extreme mechanical stability, thermal stability as well as low-temperature performance.

RIFLE BUTTER XTREME managed to uphold its exceptional mechanical stability even in the presence of up to 50% more water than its competitors, showcasing its extreme water-resistant properties.

The patented technology that gives RIFLE BUTTER XTREME its superior characteristics allows for unsurpassed technology to withstand extreme pressure and optimum wear-reducing properties without affecting stability.

Excellent for use on locking lugs, threaded components, and moving parts that require a thicker substrate for lubrication.

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