Shooters Choice .270cal Pierce Point Jag

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Shooters Choice .270cal Pierce Point Jag

Shooter’s Choice solid brass, pierce point jags are caliber specific to ensure a proper fit between the patch and bore and are designed for use with 8-32 thread cleaning rods. The pointed design keeps your patch centered and allows it to fall off easily once the jag exits the muzzle. The solid brass makeup means that the jag will not scratch or damage your firearm.
● Cleans: .270cal, 6.8mm, 7mm
● Thread: 8-32
● Includes: 1 Solid Brass Jag
● Made in the USA

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Shooters Choice .270cal Pierce Point Jag

Width:2.38 (in)
Height:4.38 (in)
Depth:0.63 (in)

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