Redding Deluxe 3-Die Set 6.5 Creedmoor

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Redding 3-Die Sets are available for rifle and pistol cartridges.

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Redding Deluxe 3-Die Set 6.5 Creedmoor

The pistol sets contain a full length sizing die, expander die, and bullet seating die. The rifle sets contain a full length sizing die, neck sizing die, and a bullet seating die. The full length sizing die features a decapping rod assembly with neck expander. The expander die includes a neck expanding plug and the seating die features a built-in crimping ring and seating plug. This combination is sure to produce consistent, reliable ammunition time and time again. Shellholder sold separately. Made in the USA.

Technical Information

Material: Steel

Die Types Included:

  • Full Length Sizer Die (with decapping unit)
  • Expander Die for Pistol Sets and Neck Sizing Die for Rifle Sets
  • Profile or Taper Crimp Seater Die (with built in crimping ring and seater plug)Accessories:
  • Plastic Storage Case
  • Spare Decapping Pin
  • Allen wrench for lock ringsNotes:
  • Shellholder Not Included

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