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RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Digital Reloading Kit


RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Digital Reloading Kit

R10,500.00 Incl. Vat

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Digital Reloading Kit


  • Speer Reloading Handbook

Published in 2018, this manual has over 900 pages of reloading information and data.

  • Universal Case Loading Block

Perfect accessory to keep brass separated through the handloading process.

  • Fold-Up Hex Key Set

Set of essential sizes of hex tools for adjusting RCBS reloading equipment.

  • RC Supreme Press

The reloading press is the rock of any reloading bench. The RC supreme is the benchmark for single stage presses. It offers strength, rigidity and generous operating window for hand loading a wide variety of catridge cases.

  • Accessory Handle -2 & Case Neck Brushes

Ergonomic handle and case neck brushes perfect for cleaning dirt and powder residue from the inside of the case neck.

  • Powder Funnel

Used to take weighted charges from the scale and put into the case before seating a bullet.

  • Hand Priming Tool

This tool is used to seat primers in brass cases. It gives the handloader exceptional feel to tell when primers are seated and requires no direct contact with the primers from the user.

  • Case Lube Kit

The case lube kit is used for lubricating cases prior to being sized. The case lube kit includes a bottle of case lube and a case lube pad.

  • Deburring Tool

Put a slight chamfer and deburr the case mouth to help bullets seat easier. Works for .17-.60 Caliber cases.

  • Digital Pocket Scale

1500 grain Capacity. 0.1 grain Accuracy


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RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Digital Reloading Kit

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