PMP 303 Cal / .312″ 174gr FMJ Bullets (100)

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PMP 303 Cal / .312″ 174gr FMJ Bullets (100)

The PMP FMJ Bullets – 303 Cal / .312″ 174gr BT is a pack of 100 bullets ideal for reloading .312″ and similar calibres. Full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets consist of a soft core (lead) encased in a shell of harder metal (often gilding), this improves feeding and the reason for the FMJ design. PMP (Pretoria Metal Pressings) have an established reputation for accuracy, reliability and quality in South Africa and overseas.

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PMP 303 Cal / .312″ 174gr FMJ Bullets (100)


Bullet Calibre: 303/7.7mm (.311-.312)
Bullet Diameter in inches: .312
Bullet Diameter in mm: 7.7
Bullet Nose Shape: Spitzer (SPT)
Bullet Base: Boat Tail (BT)
Bullet Nose Construction: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Weight in Grains: 174
Weight in Grams: 11.27
Bullet Composition (Materials): Copper Jacketed Lead Core
Package Quantity: 100

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