PMP 303 British Unprimed Cases (50)

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PMP 303 British Unprimed Cases (50)

Denel PMPs non-ferrous foundry and rolling plant produces up to 80 tons of brass daily.  A major portion is used for the manufacture of ammunition by Denel PMP itself, with the remainder supplied as brass strip, cups and discs to local and international clients. Denel PMP has been a strategic supplier of brass cups for the manufacture of ammunition to BAE Systems since 2001.

The Denel PMP foundry and rolling mill is the leader in South Africa in terms of advanced technology and quality. However for Denel PMP, quality does not only suggest conformance to specifications – we are also highly focussed on the needs of our customers regarding flexibility, promptness of delivery and after sales service.

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PMP 303 British Unprimed Cases (50)


  • Strip Alloys Processed:

Alloys with a copper content of 65 -100% can be casted.

  • Chemical Composition:

Any specification required will be considered. We comply to Mil, BS, DIN, JIS and ASTM specifications.

  • Rolling:

Strips with a thickness of 0,05 – 20 mm are produced. Standard rolling widths are 300 mm, 320 mm, 390 mm and 420 mm. Strips with a thickness of 4 mm and less are coiled with a standard inside diameter of 490 mm. Strips with a thickness of more than 4 mm are cut to lengths of up to 2,3 m.

  • Finishing:

All strips are cleaned to produce a semi-bright brushed finish which is also protected from oxidation during maritime transport.

  • Slitting:

To suit customer requirements.

  • Packaging:

Each coil is individually strapped, wrapped, sealed in a plastic bag and palletized.

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