Norma 9,3×57 Brass Cases (50)

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It is not known exactly when the 9,3×57 was designed, but it dates back to the years around 1900.

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Norma 9,3×57 Brass Cases (50)

It is nothing but the 8×57 opened up to accept .366” bullets. This cartridge is very similar to the 9×57 Mauser (.358” bullet) and the 9,5×57 Mannlicher which has a differently shaped case. There is also a 9,3x57R with a straight case.

The only surviving of these cartridges, however, is the 9,3×57 which in Scandinavia still is used for hunting driven moose and lesser game – very often in Husquarna bolt action rifles. The 9,3×57 is nicknamed “The Potato Thrower” due to its heavy bullets and rainbow-like trajectory. It is probably going to be around for a good many years to come, but it is a dying caliber, as no manufacturer makes rifles in this caliber anymore.


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