Meula PIK-AS Hunting Knife

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PIK-AS  is compact knife with a fixed blade –  now at the great price! One of the most popular knives from the Spanish Company Muela.  Designed as a hunting knife (for skinning), it works well as a fin knife and also will work during survival expeditions. Rugged, very sharp, it can be use in all kind of work, in all conditions.

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Meula PIK-AS Hunting Knife

Blade – thickness of 2,6 millimeters made in a Trailing Point profile, used in good hunting knives for pelting. Made of corrosion-resistant, durable 420H stainless steel with high carbon content and high impact strength, hardened in the range of 54-58 HRC. The blade is covered with a non-reflexive Satin Finish (semi-matte) coating that eliminates glare. Smooth blade (Plain type), derived edged concave (hollow grind) ensure a good cutting properties. At the base of the blade, was placed two-sided claw protects against slipping of the hand on the blade.

Handle – covered with elastic knurled black elastomeric cladding. The soft rubber handle guarantees very good grip, the knife does not slip out of the hand, and the strong and firm grip allows you to make precise movements with a knife. In the back of the handle, a gap for a rope.

Case in black, fastened with a snap, allows safe carrying of the knife. Made of natural leather with embossed logo Muela Company. The sheath was sewn on the edges with a decorative thread. The sheath has a belt attachment to carry the knife in a vertical position.

Technical Specification:
Product number: PIK-AS
Steel type: 420H
The length of the blade: 98 mm / 3.86”
Thickness of the blade: 2.6 mm / 0.10″
Overall length: 197 mm / 7.76 “
Weight: 113g/3.39 oz
Blade: Plain
Type of blade: Trailing Point
Cut type: Concave
Handle type: Termorun
Sheath: leather
Producer: Muela, Spain

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