Maglula Ruger 10/22 BX .22LR LULA loader & unloader set

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For over 50 years, no one has invented a jam-free, pocket-size loader for Ruger’s factory 10/22® .22LR mags.

Following three years of refinement, here we introduce a perfect little loader – which actually works flawlessly !

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Maglula Ruger 10/22 BX .22LR LULA loader & unloader set

The loader fits:

  • Ruger’s factory mags: BX-1, 5, 10 rotary, and BX-15 and BX-25.
  • TandemKross Translucent Double Kross Magazine Body.
  • S&W T/CR22 10rd mag. (tighter fit)

More compact, durable, smoothly-operated loader compared with any other 10/22 loader on the market

  • Never jams!
  •  Will not dent delicate .22LR cases.
  •  Will not loose the bullet from its crimp!
  • Never leave a trace on the tip of the bullet.
  • Painless and quick loading.
  • Pocket-size.


  • Our loader fits only the common right-side magazines (not the new left-side mags).
  • The loader is designed to fit and load genuine Ruger factory 10/22 BX .22LR magazines and T/CR22 mags.
  • One may damage the loader if attempts are made to load non-Ruger/TCR22 mags; this will void your warranty.
  • The loader will fit and load TandemKross Translucent Double Kross Magazine Body.
  • The loader will not fit mags coupled with TriMag™ and DuoMag™.

The Unloader 

The Unloader (also sold separably, p/n LU32B)packed with the loader in a blister, fits and unloads ALL 10/22 – type .22LR magazines of all manufacturers, including:

  • Ruger factory mags.
  • T/CR22
  • Butler Creek
  • Black Dog
  • Eagle
  • ProMag
  • Shooters Ridge
  • Tactical Inc.

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