LEE Pacesetter Carbide 3-Die Set – 9mm Parabellum

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LEE Pacesetter Carbide 3-Die Set – 9mm Parabellum

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Carbide dies do not require any case lubrication

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LEE Pacesetter Carbide 3-Die Set – 9mm Parabellum

Lee PaceSetter Dies include the exclusive Lee Factory Crimp Die to produce factory-like ammunition with improved utility and accuracy. The die set also includes an easy adjust dead length bullet seater. They also include a shell holder, powder dipper, load data and are packed in the nicest storage box ever designed. These extras represent an $18.00 (Estimated R270.00) value. Most are unavailable at any price from other suppliers. These are the most copied dies in the world. Each and every die comes with a written lifetime warranty, 2-year guarantee and guaranteed of accuracy or your money back.

All Lee dies are machine honed to the smoothest possible finish. Don’t confuse this with the surface polish used by most manufacturers. A polish simply makes a shiny surface. It’s like trying to sand wood without backing under the sandpaper. The surface in Lee dies is progressively honed to a fine finish with no waves or ripples.

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