LEE Classic Turret Press Kit

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LEE Classic Turret Press Kit

The Lee Classic Turret Press included in this kit features the solid steel linkage of Lee’s Classic Cast press with a sturdy iron base and a long stroke that allows rifle cases over 3″ long to be loaded using the automatic index. The large ram is drilled completely through to dispose primers in an attached clear PVC tube.

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LEE Classic Turret Press Kit

Kit Includes:

Press Lee Classic Turret Press
Case Lube Lee Resizing Lubricant
Powder Measure Lee Pro Auto-Drum powder measure
Priming Lee Large & Small Safety Priming Tool
Lee Primer Arm Small and Large
Powder Scale Lee Safety Scale Red
Turret Lee 4 Hole Turret 90269
Books Lee Modern Reloading 2nd Edition
Case Conditioning Tools Lee Cutter and Lock Stud
Lee Chamfer Tool
Lee Small and Large Primer Pocket Cleaning Tool
Powder Funnel None
Additional Tools None
Reloading Dies Not Included

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