Lee Bullet Feeder Inline Kit .35 Cal

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Inline Bullet Feed Kit 35CAL. For use with 380 Auto, 9mm Luger to 357 Mag, bullet diameter range .320 to .360. Includes Feed Die and bullet feed magazine.


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All steel construction featuring a ball bearing escapement mechanism. Spring loaded positive ball carrier return assures reliable operation. Jacketed, cast, powder coated and copper plated bullets are reliably fed. Configurable for long and short bullet lengths. Includes support tab for the optional multi tube feed magazine. Works in any press with standard 7/8-14 threads.

Each die is caliber specific so there is nothing to change or adjust.  Easy adjustment, place a case in your press and screw the Inline die in until it drops a bullet plus a half a turn, and that’s it.

Extra gatling style magazines, works great to have another magazine ready to load.

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