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This is the nicest priming tool ever made. No shell holders required, cases are guided into position by our new “finger guide”, priming is positive, effortless and uniform.  Positive and consistent seating depth is assured with our new dead length priming device. Primers are seated uniformly without “feel” or adjustments required.  Seating is almost effortless as the priming tool shares the powerful linkage of our Automatic processing press. The best feature is the ability to automatically feed cases!

Nothing else to buy will seat large and small rifle and pistol primers. Automatically feeds and primes cases up to 2 ½ inches long.

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Metallic cartridge priming was revolutionized in 1979 with Richard Lee’s patented Auto Prime tool. Today most all handheld priming tools share most if not all the features of the Original Auto-Prime. The new ACP truly automates priming. Think of it as the “Real” AUTO-prime.

Product photo shows press mounted to optional accessory Reloading Stand, and the Universal Case Feed Magazine.

ACP Depriming Kit *optional*

If you like to deprime and tumble clean your cases before sizing, order this optional depriming kit.

It is simple to install, simply replace the priming insert (small or large) with the “DEPRIME” insert, replace the primer push rod with the decapper and you’re ready to deprime.

No shell holders required, and cases sorter than 2 1/2” can be fed automatically with the optional Universal Case Feed Magazine. It makes your ACP press the fastest deprimer made.

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