Hornady Lock N Load Case Activated Lower Assembly

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Hornady Lock N Load Case Activated Lower Assembly

For use in conjunction with the Hornady Case Activated Powder Drop, the Quick Change Powder Die and Powder Through Expanders make reloading pistol cartridges on your Lock-N-Load faster and easier. The Quick Change die comes with a lower bracket with guide bushing and lock ring. Expanders are available (sold separately) in .355, .357, .400, .430, .451, .452, .475 and .500 diameter for both lead cast bullets and copper plated bullets. The Expanders allow you to charge the case while expanding the case mouth (Hornady suggest you fill that station with the powder cop die so you can ensure that each case is properly charged with powder. The Powder Cop die is sold separately).

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Hornady Lock N Load Case Activated Lower Assembly


  • For use with Lock-N-Load bushing.
  • Consists of the powder die and a powder measure insert.
  • These are parts of the Hornady case activated powder drop system used on Hornady’s progressive presses.
  • This powder die can facilitate faster caliber changes as it can remain at a particular case length setting.
  • Powder through Expanders may be used with the case activated powder drop and this powder die, eliminating the need for a separate case mouth expander die.

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