Hornady Cam Lock Trimmer Debur Tool

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Hornady Cam Lock Trimmer Debur Tool

The Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer Chamfer and Deburring heads allow any reloader utilizing the Hornady Cam-Lock trimmer to turn it into a chamfer and deburring tool. Technical Information Fits: Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer Function: Chamfer and Deburr Case Mouths Material: Hardened Steel Notes: Fits .17 to .45 Calibers

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Hornady Cam Lock Trimmer Debur Tool

  • Chamfer and Deburring Tool – keep your casings smooth and precise with the Hornady Cam Lock Trimmer Deburr Tool 050147. It mounts in place of the cutter on the Hornady Cam-Lock Trimmer to speed the chamfering and deburring process
  • Easy to Use Chamfer Deburring Tool – after your cases are cleaned or if you are using new brass you will want to chamfer and deburr the case mouths of the cases. Simply insert the heads where the cutter would go, place your brass case mouth, give it a few turns and you are done
  • High Precision & Tough Durability – great tool for reloaders to help keep chamfers and deburrs square with the case mouth, eliminating slippage and reducing errors. Universal design works on all cases
  • Remove the Burrs Inside & Outside – when there are sharp edges on your brass after trimming, you need to cut them down inside and out with this deburring chamfer tool
  • Hornady Case Prep Center – with many different options for case prep reloading, Hornady has an option for you. Find the right reloading tools and accessories to complete your reloading project

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