Fobus SIG-P365 Paddle Gun Holster

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Fobus SIG-P365 Paddle Gun Holster

The Fobus SIG-P365 Paddle Gun Holster – Black is a pistol holder designed to properly secure your gun. The design around this gun holster has been comfort for the user. To use your Fobus SIG-P365 Paddle Gun Holster simply place the gun holster on your hip and make sure the paddle is pushed all the way down on your belt. This will allow you to draw fast and decisive, in an upwards motion. The holster offers an adjustment screw for a more accurate retention pressure and personal preference.

The holster itself was made with mold injected polymer, and features a passive retention system that acts like a spring of the trigger guard area.

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Fobus SIG-P365 Paddle Gun Holster


  • Gun holster
  • Lightweight design
  • Sleek black colour
  • Comfortable fit


Colour Black
Brand Fobus
Model SIG-P365

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Dimensions 11 × 15 × 7 cm