Excell AAA Alkaline Batteries – 4 Pack

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Excell AAA Alkaline Batteries – 4 Pack

  • Size: AAA
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Chemistry Material” Alkaline
  • Qty per pack: 4



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Excell AAA Alkaline Batteries – 4 Pack

One of the advantages of alkaline batteries over other primary batteries and rechargeable batteries is that it has higher energy density. For example, this battery has double the energy density of a Leclanché cell and zinc-carbon batteries. This allows the battery to produce the same energy while lasting longer than other batteries.

The rechargeable variant of this battery also has four times the capacity of an equivalent nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride batteries.

Longevity is another advantage of alkaline battery. It has longer shelf life than batteries with chloride-type electrolyte. It could last to up to seven years unused, losing about five percent of its energy every year. This means that it does not easily run out of power while not in use. This battery also functions even at very low temperatures. Susceptibility to leakage is also low compared to a Leclanché cell battery.

Safety is also another advantage of alkaline battery. Compared with acid-based and lead-based counterparts, this battery has lesser environmental impact. It does not require any special disposal methods. The compounds inside an alkaline battery do not pose serious health issues except from mild irritations.

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