Dot Long Fire Starting Lighter

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Dot Long Fire Starting Lighter

Utility Lighters have Long Nozzle with soft flame for lighting hard to reach places from a Safe Distance. They have big chambers with large, easy-to-read fuel windows while its unique adjustable flame could flare from 1/3 inch to 2 inches.

These Lighters are Reliable, Durable and Safe, made with focus on quality and ease of use. These Lighters are useful for variety of lighting purposes ranging from Lighting Birthday Candles to Camping Fires. Color will be chosen at random. Picture may slightly vary from actual product.

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Dot Long Fire Starting Lighter

    • Electronic Ignition ; Reliable and Maintenance Free


    • Comes Ready to Use with Butane Inside


    • Easy to Operate , With Conveniently located Child Resistant Buttons


    • Fuel Level Window on Side to Show Fuel Level


    • Long Nozzle for Safer Operation from Distance and Lighting Hard to Reach Places


    • Adjustable Flame for Variety of purposes


  • Ideal and Safer Way to Light , Multi Purpose Use for Gas Stove , Grilling , Barbecue , Fireplace , Candle , Food Equipment , Campfire , Hiking , Lantern , Pilot Light Extra

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