Cytac Taurus/Beretta 92 Holster | I-Mini Series Gen3

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Cytac Taurus/Beretta 92 Holster | I-Mini Series Gen3

I-Mini-guard Holster is more suitable for plainclothes police or citizens who are not allowed to reveal their guns in public. The claw attachment provides users with better concealment and closeness. IWB holster is a comfortable and reliable solution for your daily concealed carrying.

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Cytac Taurus/Beretta 92 Holster | I-Mini Series Gen3


  • Left or Right Hand Available

The holster can be used for LEFT or RIGHT hands.(for IV3)

  • Superior Concealment

Designed to fit under the trigger guard,The IWB holster pull the pistol grip closer to your body using pressure from your belt or waistline.

  • Adjustable Cant

Using a cross screwdriver adjust the screw to achieve the tightness adjustment in order to achieve the best extraction strength and strive for the fastest self-storage time.It can be adjusted from 0 to 15° to suit your habits.

  • Anti-slip Pattern

Skin texture enhance friction between holster and pants to making more stable when drawing a gun

  • Smooth Edges & Interior

Smooth edges ensures the holster will not scratch your skin and avoid scratching the gun body.

  • Full length Sweat Guard

Designed with full length sweat guard I-Mini-guard Holster covers the entire length of your slide. This ensures that no metal touches your skin, and that no sweat ever gets on your weapon.

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