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Chapman MFG 9600 Starter Slotted Screwdriver Set – 20 Pieces


Chapman MFG 9600 Starter Slotted Screwdriver Set – 20 Pieces

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Chapman MFG 9600 Starter Slotted Screwdriver Set – 20 Pieces

All the tools in this kit are interchangeable, offering 125+ tool combinations. Chapman tools are made in Durham, CT from American made materials.

  • 2 – PHILLIPS: #1,# 2, 
  • 14 – HOLLOW GROUND STRAIGHT SIDED SLOTTED: (size indicates width of blade) .125″ x .030″ .160″ x .030″ .190″ x .025″ .190″ x .037″ .230″ x .037″ .250″ x .025″ .250″ x .037″ .328″ x .030″ .328″ x .037″ .375″ x .025″ .375″ x .037″ .375″ x .050″ ‘

1. Each Chapman bit is designed for use within a specific torque range. Small bits are designed for less torque, large bits are designed for more torque. Chapman tools and bits are specifically engineered for hand use.

2. Chapman bits are tough and springy, not brittle. We use fine alloy steel heat treated with a black oxide finish. Each bit reaches its specified hardness that is not too hard to shatter or too soft to twist.

3. Our smaller bits, CMS-3,4 & CM-88, 89, 90, etc. are designed to prevent damage in applications where the screw is more valuable than the bit. When excess torque is applied, our bits are designed to break before marring an irreplaceable screw. If a screw is seated so tightly that the bit starts to bend, stop immediately, additional force will break the bit, mar the piece or rip off the screw head.

4. Our famous Chapman Midget Ratchet provides approximately 4 times the leverage of a large screw driver. The ratchet provides more torque than small screws are designed for, so use gentle but even pressure to loosen small screws. A small size bit can be twisted if sufficient force is applied. Use the knurled ends of our bits or the spinner top to apply finger pressure.

5. Some screws cannot be removed with a screwdriver. Cross-threaded, burred, chipped, varnished screws or screws treated with Loctite (especially on firearms) are near impossible to remove without tapping into the screw or heat.

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Chapman MFG 9600 Starter Slotted Screwdriver Set – 20 Pieces

Chapman Sets provide more versatility than regular screwdrivers or hex keys

  • All tools and bits are 1/4″ drive & totally interchangeable
  • The spinner is great for tight spaces & delicate screws
  • The 1 included extension is 3 5/8″
  • Extensions can be used independently
  • Chapman tools may fit other products but are not designed as a universal tool

Famous Midget Ratchet Excels in Tight Spaces

  • 4.75″ long stainless steel
  • 1/4″ hex drive designed to work with Chapman bits
  • Rated for 200 inch. lbs of torque
  • 18 degree working arc & 20 tooth gear
  • Hand assembled & inspected

USA Made 1/4″ Drive Interchangeable Screwdriver Bits

  • Precision milled from USA steel
  • 1/4″ hex drive, non magnetic
  • Ball detent holds bit in place
  • Heat treated with black oxide rust inhibitor finish 
  • Knurled & stamped with part
  • Slotted screws are hollow ground NOT TAPERED
  • Provides contact to the full depth & sides of the slotted screw
  • Reduces cam-out & screw damage
  • 9600 has 12 different slotted bits (14 total) of different widths & thicknesses 
  • Bits are designed to break BEFORE damaging the screw 
  • Chapman tools are hand assembled & inspected
  • All tools are USA made from USA materials

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