Browning BuckMark Knife Sharpener

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Browning BuckMark Knife Sharpener

Never be without the Browning Buckmark Knife Sharpener if you want the sharpest knives and the cleanest cuts. Designed with you in mind, this Knife Sharpener from the knife specialists at Browning offers a variety of sharpening inserts that are angled to quickly and accurately sharpen your favorite knife. Designed with a lanyard hole for hanging on your keychain, the Browning Buckmark Keychain Knife Sharpener is the ideal choice for ensuring a smooth cut with your field dressing knife in the field or sharpening your pocket knife the minute you notice that it’s dull. Made from high carbon steel for making the easiest and quickest edge, you’ll never want to leave home again without your Browning Buckmark Portable Knife Sharpener.


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Browning BuckMark Knife Sharpener

Product Details

  • Main Blade Length: 1/4″
  • Overall Length: 3 3/16″
  • Blade Composition: High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Decoration: Buckmark
  • Handle Features: Lanyard Hole
  • Handle Material: Anodized Alloy
  • Rockwell Steel Hardness: 56-58

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