Balistix .365/9.3mm UltraHunt 230gr Qty 25

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Balistix .365/9.3mm UltraHunt 230gr Qty 25

Balistix Ultra Hunt Bullets is a monolithic bullet, proudly manufactured in South Africa.
Due to this fact, Balistix bullets are readily available and you can purchase whenever you need.

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Balistix .365/9.3mm UltraHunt 230gr Qty 25

Balistix bullets boast with some pretty unique features:

  • All Balistix bullets are of a monolithic construction. The bullets are CNC manufactured from solid copper to stringent tolerances. This results in a bullet with superior geometric accuracy, if compared to swaged lead core bullets. Because of the monolithic construction, there is no fluctuation in jacket thickness.
  • Chamber over pressure is eliminated thanks to the optimal drive band design.
  • The bullets are also environmentally friendly, since they do not contain lead.
  • The bullets feature a rebated boat tail design. This improves bullet accuracy at longer distances, as it combines the advantages of both a flat base and conventional boat tail design.
  • The engaging ogive design of the bullets make them sensitive to bullet jump. This results in a bullet that can be “tuned” for accuracy in the same way as leading brands of lead core bullets.
  • All bullets are coated with Hexagonal Boron Nitrate (HBN). HBN is a modern dry lubricant with excellent properties as a bullet coating, including:
    • Reduced copper fowling resulting in easier cleaning, less extreme spread in velocities and less difference between cold bore and follow up shots.
    • Improvement in barrel life due to lower pressures being needed to achieve the required bullet velocity.
    • Is a very clean coating in comparison to other bullet coatings.
    • Has a high temperature resistance of over 900ºC. Other coatings like molybdenum disulphide oxidizes at the elevated temperatures, and are no longer effective.
    • HBN does not build up in the barrel of your firearm.
    • Is both inert and non-toxic.


With Balistix Bullets, bullet types are interchangeable:

The Ultra Hunt bullets features a hollow point with maximum expansion capabilities. This results in a bullet with deadly terminal characteristics.
All this whilst matching the weight and ogive profile of its Target and HunTac counterpart.
This will enable the shooter to load either the Target, HunTac or Ultra Hunt type of bullet, with the same powder load and seating die setting. Interchanging the bullets is possible without a significant change in point of impact at shorter distances. Since there is a difference in ballistic coefficients between the Target, HunTac & Ultra Hunt varieties, this will influence the point of impact at further distances. By using modern ballistics software, this can easily be addressed.

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