Balistix .243″/6mm Target 85gr Qty 50

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Balistix .243″/6mm Target 85gr Qty 50

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Bullet Type: Target
Bullet Calibre: .243″
Bullet Weight: 85gr
Qty per Box: 50 pieces
G1 BC: 0.40
G7 BC: 0.20
Twist Rate (Typical): 8
Stability Factor at sea level (20ºC): 1.45
Stabilitiy Factor Highveld (1400m, 20ºC): 1.72

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Balistix .243″/6mm Target 85gr Qty 50

Target bullets are solid bullets without any expansion capability. These bullets are NOT intended for hunting EXCEPT for the 9.3mm and .375 bullets that are considered “SOLID” bullets and may be used for dangerous game hunting. Target bullets are also used as a more cost effective alternative for developing loads to be used on the Balistix HunTac & Ultra Hunt bullets.

Balistix Bullets is the first and only South African manufacturer to produce a bullet that…

  • Has a rebated boat tail design.
  • Is treated with Hexagonal Boron Nitrate.
  • Supports the worldwide shift towards monolithic copper production, which is more environmentally friendly.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 7 cm