AR-15 Parts List Mat

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AR-15 Parts List Mat

Prepare a perfect area for your gun with Barbarians Gun Cleaning Mat!
36×12 inches and 1/4 inches thickness is large and thick enough to prevent damage and scratches to both guns and surface, suitable for rifle and shotgun. Oil-resistant and waterproof premium material keeps harmful chemicals, oil and dirt from penetrating down to your table. Special design with AR 15 Pattern provides visual guidance, a good helper for assembling.

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AR-15 Parts List Mat

  • 1. Perfect Size: 36×12 inches, scientific size for rifle, shotgun or ample space for handgun.
  • 2. More Protective: Ultra thick  mats, protecting your rifle and table from scratches and damage. The bottom is anti-slip, keeping steady when in use.
  • 3. Keep Clean: Oil-resistant and waterproof surface keeps your workbench/counter/table clean and free of oils/solvents.
  • 4. AR15 Pattern: With crystal clear AR 15 parts exploded diagram, it’s easy and convenient to assemble your rifle.
  • 5. 100% Satisfaction: If you have any problem with the product, please feel free to contact us. We offer 100% satisfying customer service and money back guarantee.

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