9mmp Used Brass Cases x 1000 (Not Cleaned)

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9mmp Used Brass Cases x 1000 (Not Cleaned)

Good condition 9mm Para otherwise known as 9mm Luger, 9mm NATO, 9x19mm brass cases

Boxer primers (Reloadable)

No berdan primers nor S&B NX cases with small flash-holes

Mixed head-stamps, unless otherwise stated

Brass has NOT been wet tumbled clean

We source our pistol brass from training centers across South Africa and cannot guarantee that all the brass is once fired. As the brass comes from training centers, we are confident that 90% or more are once fired as per information received from our suppliers at time of purchase


We process 10’s of thousands of cases monthly and thus, supply our used brass as is/voetstoots and cannot be held liable for any damage/malfunctions caused after being purchased. All brass cases are inspected for cracks, damaged rims, bent necks and corrosion before being packaged but it remains the purchaser/reloaders responsibility to inspect and ensure all brass cases are safe to use before reloading them.   

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